CETIH is a French manufacturing company operating in the housing sector.
The group offers a complete and eco-designed range of entrance doors, windows and solar energy solutions that contribute to home energy-efficiency improvements.


CETIH has grown significantly in recent years and has expanded its operations through a series of acquisitions to include six brands and seven industrial sites.
CETIH wanted to group and unify its brands, sites and teams around a single interface that reflected the company’s rich corporate culture and social life. The envisioned platform, ‘Agora’, needed to act not only as a tool, but as a philosophy and as a way of collaborating based on three simple values: simplicity, clarity and collaboration.

Creating a robust employer brand and company identity was top of the agenda. Having a large workforce, especially one spread across different sites, required a solution that would connect and engage employees. As a result, CETIH looked to adopt a combination of policies and software solutions to help them manage the transition and build a robust collective brand.
The magnitude of CETIH’s operations required a holistic and centralised hub in which teams from various sites could come together, collaborate on projects and store company knowledge.

Why eXo?

CETIH opted to implement eXo Platform as their new digital hub because it covered the scope of the project through a rich set of advanced communication and collaborative features such as instant messaging, collaborative spaces, and document and project management. Furthermore, the open source components and high extensibility of the platform, coupled with advanced CMS capabilities were a big plus since customisation was a top priority to convey the brand image and core messaging.

The impact

The Agora platform was first deployed in April 2020 and targeted 120 users as a start.
Since its inception, teams have been testing the platform daily and using it to get things done. Top-down, bottom-up and peer-to-peer communication have been among the most popular use cases. For example, HR and communication specialists have been able to relay corporate news, announcements and policies to the entire company or specific sites or departments through features like enterprise wiki and the news application.
The platform’s social features include a directory of personnel, profiles and instant messaging which has allowed users from different sites and departments to get in touch and share their experiences. For example, an employee from Machecoul’s site could easily reach their peers in Roncey by performing a single search query whether by name, profession, skills or site.
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