Modular architecture

eXo Platform is based on modern frameworks, making it easy to customize, connect to your systems and extend.

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Open source technology

Open source
eXo Platform Entreprise Edition is based on eXo Platform Community Edition, distributed under the AGPL licence. The Community edition is available here.

eXo adheres to the Java EE stack and leverages many open source components such as Tomcat, MySQL, ElasticSearch and MongoDB.
Enterprise vs Community
EE and CE editions are identical at their core. However, EE includes prepackaged connectors to external applications (such as Jitsi, OnlyOffice, Exchange etc) as well as enhanced security features, which are excluded from the CE version.

In addition, eXo Platfom EE benefits from professional support and maintenance.
Open standards
To ensure compatibility, eXo Platform supports numerous open standards such as LDAP, CMIS, WebDav, iCal, portlet and more.

Developers can write their own applications to run inside the platform, using their favourite web framework (JSF, Spring, Ext-JS, Vue.js, AngularJS, etc.).

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Download and install the latest available eXo Platform community version.

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