Commonly requested integrations in a unified user experience

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User management

eXo supports most authentication protocols and user management systems.

Personal office

eXo connects to your employees personal office tools – email, calendar, drives.

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Document management

eXo supports CMIS protocols and interoperates with various DMS systems.

User management

Users can be provisioned via csv imports, LDAP pulls or invited by email.

eXo Platform supports most authentication protocols and user management systems : SAMLV2, Oauth2, OpenID connect. eXo spaces can be linked to AD groups.

User management

Email, calendar and personal drives

eXo connects to email tools, such as Zimbra, via its notifications center using the iMap protocol.

eXo agendas are centralized in your personal calendar, such as Outlook or Exchange.

eXo federates your personal drives, such as OneDrive or GDrive.

Personal calendar

Document management systems

eXo supports CMIS protocols and can connects to external DMS systems, such as Sharepoint or Alfresco, at a workspace level.


Applications center

eXo centralizes access to all your applications in its Applications center. Administrators can add new applications and configure permission rights – no code is required.

Applications center

Jitsi connector

eXo bases its videoconferencing capabilities on a deep level integration with the open-source editor Jitsi.


OnlyOffice connector

eXo offers co-editing capabilities thanks to a multilevel integration with the open-source software OnlyOffice.


Other connectors

eXo regularly enriches its connectors library with new connectors developed in client contexts, such as Google translate, Matomo or Trend micro antivirus.

Google translate

Fully extensible platform

Customize, extend and connect your systems


Implement new connectors thanks to hundreds of APIs REST and extension points, documented in Swagger.

Explore Open APIs

Create new apps, federating external applications and dynamic content in your software pages and more.

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