Bring your members closer together

Foster social connections with profiles and chats.

Promote collaborations in communities of interest and workgroups.

Facilitate knowledge sharing with wikis and learning spaces.


Promote open culture and break communication silos

Facilitate information flow with activity streams, sharing, comments and @mentions.

Foster cross-team collaborations with spaces.

Moderate information flows with permissions.

Engage your communities

Reach your members in a fun and engaging way with social two-way communication.

Track positive contributions with gamification and reward them tokens.

Monitor engagement with analytics.

Employee Recognition Software

How clients are using eXo Platform as their Enterprise Social Network

National Gendarmerie Logo
« We deploy 100,000 officers around the world who need to be able to communicate continuously. RESOGend, our enterprise social network, really changed the way we work together. »

Lieutenante-Colonelle Marielle Chrisment, In charge of the digital mission, DGGN

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