Our origins

eXo began as an open-source project in 2002 focused on implementing the industry's first Java portlet container. The project grew into a company in 2003 by signing its first customer - the U.S. Department of Defense.

Since then, we have developed our software into a full-fledged digital workplace, following an innovative vision and leveraging feedback from our customers and community.

Our values

We focus on people.
Our software is user-centric and intent on providing an enjoyable user-experience to all users.

We believe that human capital constitutes the most important value for a company in our day and age.
We believe in individual liberty.
Our software promotes flexible work culture and values individual contributions.

We believe that individual liberty is what ultimately drives innovation, initiative and performance.
We are constantly looking for and implementing new ideas.
Our software spearheads digital workplace innovations.

We help our clients promote innovation and creativity through modern digital workplace solutions.
We believe in collaboration.
Our software empowers efficient collaboration and promotes community spirit.

We believe that the best results are achieved when individual creative energies come together.

Our mission

We are thriving for a future where people are joyous at work.

In order to achieve that goal, we are reinventing the workplace by liberating and empowering our clients’ employees to perform at their best. Consequently, companies benefit from a unified, innovative workforce and an engaged employee community.

On a larger scale, we believe enabling a more flexible work culture drives progress in societal issues such as work–family balance, gender equality and sustainable land management.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is composed of seasoned exo-ers dedicated
to helping our clients.

  • Veronika Mazour

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Morgan Argondicco

    EVP Customer Experience

  • Oualid Chaker

    EVP Sales

  • Hatem Bouhamed

    EVP Finance

  • Romain DENARIE

    Romain Dénarié

    VP Engineering

  • Omar Bouras

    Omar Bouras

    VP IT Operations

  • Wassim Zlitni

    VP Marketing

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We help our clients enable efficient remote work for all employees. As a result their carbon footprint is lowered as daily transport becomes unnecessary and offices function with lower energy consumption. We follow the same principles in our internal practices. We also endeavour to lower our servers impact through localized data management.
Gender equality
We are an inclusive company and pride ourselves on our diversity. Among other things, we employ and promote women at all levels. Furthermore, we promote equal opportunity within our clients’ organizations by enabling flexible work arrangements through digital workplace solutions. The latter also contribute to restoring quality work-life balance for both genders.
Sustainable land management
We contribute to the rise of remote work and digital workplace solutions, which should lead to a more homogeneous and sustainable land management. Instead of concentrating in polluted agglomerations, we could thrive for a more sustainable living, spread in many local centers. The latter would promote local business development and agriculture.
600 California Street,
11th floor San Francisco, CA 94108
7 rue de la Paix,
75002 Paris
Middle East & Africa
17 Avenue Khawarezmi, Z.A, Khaireddine,
Le Kram Ouest, 2089

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